Taormina is a magnificent international city of art and culture and is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. In recent years it has even managed to regain some of the antique splendor for which it was famous for and why people visited it during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by kings and queens, tsars, aristocrats, magnates, great writers, actors and actresses. Taormina today remains an exclusive town with a reputation for the art of hospitality and for its historical quarter of town dating back to the glorious years of the Belle Epoque era. The city is an extraordinary mesh of fine monuments and cityscapes, of architectural jewels and splendid luxuriant gardens. All this against the backdrop of the imposing Mount Etna, the heavenly coastline of Capo Taormina and the ‘Isola Bella’. It owes its charm to the sea, the legacy of history and its vibrant lifestyle. A representative list of Taormina’s share of art and architecture would have to mention: the Cathedral of San Nicolò, the spectacular Greek Amphitheatre, the ‘Porta di Mezzo’, the ‘Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano’, the convent of San Domenico and the so-called ‘Naumachia’.