Italy is known as the land of fashion and with it, of shopping, and the largest cities of fashion are Florence, Rome and Milan. The experience of many years of Sin Elite’s assistants in the fashion world is coupled with good taste, enterprise and innovative ideas that help you in any kind of purchase and ensuring a bespoke and personalized encounter with the world of high-end fashion and design.

From the most exclusive shops to hidden opportunities in luxury retail, our assistants know the best places in the Italian fashion capitals. Milan, a global fashion hub, sets the stage for indulgent shopping experiences. In this cosmopolitan city, Sin Elite’s private shopping assistants are well-versed in the latest trends and have insider knowledge of exclusive boutiques, providing clients with access to limited collections and private showings. Rome, with its historical charm and opulent ambiance, offers a unique blend of luxury and heritage.

Florence, known for its artisanal craftsmanship, transforms into a haven for those seeking luxury with a touch of authenticity. Private shopping assistants in Florence curate personalized itineraries, allowing clients to explore the city’s finest boutiques, from high-end fashion to exquisite leather goods, all while delving into the city’s rich artistic and cultural heritage.