Mythology has it that one day Saturn lost his patience with men, who were always fighting each other, so he took a thunderbolt and hurled it to earth, making warm, sulphurous water spurt from the crater of a volcano, calming everything. From that welcoming womb, wiser, happier men were born. The scene of this legend was the heart of Tuscan Maremma, therefore Saturnia, where water gushes at a speed of eight hundred litres a second and at a temperature of 37 degrees. It is also said that the baths lie at the centre of an energetic magnetic triangle, the tip is Mt. Amiata. And as we can never get enough of legends, here is one about Orlando: “It is said that near Saturnia, the knight-errant, while crossing a valley at the foot of the village, was intrigued by the presence of small fountains of hot, inviting water. He plunged his hands, bearing the scars of countless battles, into them, and the water immediately performed miracles: his skin was smoother and the abrasions were healed. Therefore, it was a miraculous spring.” But this is not merely a legend; it is the influence of Saturnia.