Santa Margherita di Pula

Santa Margherita di Pula is the jewel in the crown of southern Sardinian coastal resorts. Since it was first discovered in the 1960s by Cagliari’s middle class it has continued to expand and thrive, helped by the presence of one of the world’s best beach resorts, the Forte Village, in addition to other peaceful and relaxing holiday havens. The colours of the villas nestling in peaceful pinewoods or hotels surrounded by both Mediterranean and tropical vegetation blend in harmoniously with the pastel colours of the sky and the sea. Every bay and inlet in Santa Margherita shines bright with its own light and its own beach which, whether large or small, forms the final sandy barrier between man and the sea, whose mysteries and charm are best discovered by taking a fun boat trip along the coast. Back on land, allow yourself to be enticed by the fine hospitality to be found in the nearby town of Pula, which has a knack of lighting up splendid summer evenings that go on till the dawn of the following day, when life in the splendor of San Margherita, the jewel of the southern sea, starts all over again.