Sanremo is the capital of the so-called Riviera of flowers. The town’s origins have been lost in the mists of time, between history and legend. It was originally known as Matuzia, but whether in honour of the Goddess of the sea Matuta or in memory of the Roman nobleman Caio Matuzio, remains a mystery. Owing to its fortunate position nestled between Capo Verde and Capo Nero, Sanremo was well-known to the ancient Romans thanks to its idyllic microclimate that favours the cultivation of lavish flowers that have become famous worldwide. Today it is one of the best tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, no doubt due to the splendid examples of Belle Epoque and Liberty architecture. The oldest part of town, known as ‘la Pigna’, is a collection of houses perched on hillsides, steep lanes, covered walkways and pretty little squares. Then there is the extravagant casino, built in 1905, for gaming and roulette aficionados. Being the ideal location for such events, it hosts the famous Italian song festival every year. Once you begin to discover its charms, Sanremo is difficult to forget.