San Lorenzo di Sebato

San Lorenzo di Sebato is surrounded by the Majestic mountains on the western end of Val Pusteria. To the east rise the Vedrette di Ries peaks, while to the south lies the entrance to Val Badia known as the ‘little door’ into the Dolomites.The magic of San Lorenzo’s wide valley has won visitors over with its natural charm as well as its sense of history that radiates from every corner. For example, the prehistoric and ancient Roman (“Mansion Sebatum”) archaeological sites, and the mediaeval castles. On the valley floor, marvel at the magnificent buildings, the splendid noble residences against a backdrop of alpine flowers on the slopes. It is a land that leaves the visitor with unforgettable memories thanks to the passion and toil of the farming folk who have kept the old character of the valley intact; getting a feeling for a land that is clearly the product of peasant folks’ hard toil and care is quite unforgettable. Indeed the whole area seems to have assumed the role of a guardian to a great culture that harks back to the fascinating world of the Celts. San Lorenzo’s delightful and still dynamic villages continue to fill the landscape with colour and character in this village known as the gateway to the Dolomites.