San Giuliano Terme

Already a favorite of the Etruscans and ancient Romans, the “Bagni di Pisa” thermal baths near San Giuliano were introduced to European nobles in 1743, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany chose them as his summer thermal residence, then promoting them as an exclusive meeting-place. Starting in the 17th century, the “Bagni di San Giuliano” became the place for scientists and artists from all over Europe to regain their spiritual essence through physical purification. This prestige is still recognised by the enthusiastic traveller who wants to discover the secrets of San Giuliano Terme. However, this area is well-known not only for its sulphate-alkaline springs and its healing waters, but is also a crossroads of architectural styles, with its marvellous villas recalling a medieval past, retreats, monasteries and the stupendous Regional Park extending for a full 24,000 hectares. Travelling around Mt.Pisano – climbing it on foot, horse or bicycle, walking along its paths, the old farm roads or those on ground level, going into churches or old mills, being able to see for hundreds of kilometres – means plunging into a territory where history and nature have lived in harmony for centuries and continue to do so.