San Felice Circeo

San Felice del Circeo is situated 100m above sea level on the eastern slopes of the peninsula. It is an enchanting place that has been rocked and cradled by the forces of history. The legend recounts that Ulysses was bewitched by the Nymph Circe and remained prisoner of her charms for over a year before resuming his odyssey in the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, it is the temple to Circe inside the Acropolis that best evokes the magic charm of this place. Its mysterious lure did not escape the attention of the glorious Templar knights, who chose it as a place of prayer around 1200. The same mystical charm can be felt by walking up to or coming down from Piazzale Belvedere, from where you can see the Parco del Circeo. Try imagining the celebratory feasts organised centuries ago by Lucrezia Borgia in the rooms of the ancient Baronial Palace. Continue the walk down to the extraordinary caves, stopping first at “Guattari”, where the perfectly formed cranium of a Neanderthal was found; enjoy the touch of an embracing wind.