San Casciano Val Pesa

San Casciano Val di Pesa is filled with medieval-style churches and villas, like the Castle of Bibbione. Populated by the Etruscans, the earliest finds in this enchanting village date to Roman times: it was a “mansio” or outpost for changing horses along the road heading towards ancient Florence. However, it is a parchment dated 1043 and preserved in the Abbey of Passignano that provides the earliest evidence officialising the presence of San Casciano on a map. At that time it was referred to as a tiny village standing near the Parish Church of Santa Cecilia a Decimo, as a place for horses inherited from the Roman era. Today the tiny streets starting from the Clock Tower are perfect for walks and it is possible to enjoy the enchanting view from the ‘Piazzone’ or look up to see the deer on the city walls, followed by a series of magical numbers. It is a sequence that perhaps holds the secret of San Casciano Val di Pesa’s strength, always able to rise from its ashes to reappear the way it deserves to be: marvellous.