Visiting Rimini is like listening to a whole series of musical genres: from Blues, with its mix of myriad influences, to rock, with its power to inspire passion. Its iconic status owes much to the film director Federico Fellini, who adored this place for the inspiration it gave him in his work, perhaps after a long stroll along the immensity of a beach that has been the scene of countless hours of reflection and meditation, or possibly after a carefree walk in the neighborhoods of Marina and Centro. These places are the real source of an authentic ‘Romagna’ culture that inspires visitors with joy and a spontaneous desire to join in the revelry from sunrise to dawn of the following day. Rimini has everything and there are always new experiences to try among the crowds, in quiet seclusion or on shaded walks around its many monuments: the ‘Tempio Malatestiano’ the ‘Borgo di San Giuliano’, the ‘Ponte Tiberio’ or ‘Palazzo dell’Arengo’, in addition to the quaint old parts of town just outside the city walls, where the ‘spirit of Romagna’ resides in the old inns and taverns. Go in and explore the labyrinth of rooms built within the stone walls and barrel-vaulted roofs, where you will find a heady mix of culinary tastes and aromas all waiting to conquer your palate.