Punta Ala

Punta Ala is an exclusive tourist destination offering refined beauty. Located on a strip of land surrounded by the sea on three sides while on the fourth it is dominated by a dense pine grove, it is famous not only for the beauty of its surroundings, but for its peacefulness, prestigious sailing regattas and its 18-hole golf course. Punta Ala was founded in recent times: it was the Italian aviator Italo Balbo who was the first to notice the beauty of the place, observed during his flights to Tripoli when training for his first flight across the Atlantic in 1931. The name refers to him as well, probably recalling Balbo’s great love of flying: Punta (dell’)Ala (Wing Tip). A large part of the seacoast is filled by magnificent rocks with tiny beaches which can be reached only by boat or on foot. Heading south, the coast flattens out and becomes more accessible and filled with seaside villages. Punta Ala is also famous for its elegant nightlife, to take a glance at along the seafront, which at sundown is full with countless colours, providing a background for the enthusiastic stories of those who that morning were able to overcome the strength of the wind and sea.