Approaching Positano from the sea, it appears to reveal itself suddenly; a dazzling, mysterious sight beyond a wall of living rock, enclosed as if in the still-life painting that descends towards the Piazza dei Mulini, losing its force as it settles at the foot of the Spiaggia Grande. Dotted here and there with clusters of houses, it seems nothing less than a classic film set, a stage celebrating the theatre of life. The view includes the Li Galli islands, also called the “Sirenuse”, because legend has it that mermaids still live here. They have long been the custodians of this vertical built town, shaped like an arrow head lodged between the sides of the Monti Lattari. The magic of Positano is also evident in the bright seemingly painted-on colours found everywhere: on the facades of the houses, or the blazing fabrics that are an icon of this spectral island, drenched with sun and water.