Porto Cervo

It is worth looking back at the history of Porto Cervo, which began in March 1962. Indeed, it was in the spring of 50 years ago that Prince Karim Aga Khan created the Emerald Coast out of nothing. The picturesque coastal village of Porto Cervo has become a cult icon of èlite and international tourism and it lies at the heart of this worldly paradise, a maze of small streets, arcades, and steps that arrive down to the famous village Square. The surrounding architecture showcases the incomparable emerald coast style that draws its inspiration from traditional Sardinian country buildings, tastefully positioned between the rocks and the local plants. Leaving the charm of Porto Vecchio, to the north is “Cervo Marina”, the new tourist port by the imposing granite and basalt tower, the home of the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club. Another delight to behold is the charismatic little Church of “Stella Maris”, accessed through the majestic bronze doors made by the sculptor Luciano Minguzzi; inside is a painting of “Our lady of Sorrows” by the artist El Greco. But Porto Cervo is best known as a focal point of high society, enjoying trademark ‘made in Italy’ pleasures, in the comfort of houses patronised by international celebrities. In short, this is a scenario worthy of the best theatre, where from dawn to sunset and on the dawn of a new day, a joie de vivre is woven into and fills the atmosphere.