Palau is situated between the end of the Maddalena archipelago and the road that leads into the province of Gallura. It owes its international fame and prestige in large part to the flamboyant Spanish Count Raphael de Neville, who was so amazed by the beauty of the place that he had a small village built from scratch here in the 1960s: Porto Raphael.
It is one of the real pearls of the Mediterranean, blending in perfectly with the rocks and surrounding Mediterranean maquis, with houses built in a typical Mediterranean style, neatly camouflaged among the granite rock and the juniper trees. There is an easy walk down from the houses to the Punta Nera beach;l along the coastline there are other beautiful coves perfect for snorkeling and diving, Another recommended excursion on foot is over to the Roccia dell’Orso (Bear Rock), a spectacular natural wind-carved rock in the shape of a bear looking out to sea. Having reached the bear, take the road that goes down to the sea at Cala Capra; on the other side of the bay you will see the charming beach of Vena Longa.