The city of Naples is reflected in the waters of its charming gulf, a town always on the look-out for the appearance of sea-craft on the horizon, and ever ready to absorb the great cultures of Europe. The traveller will be dazzled by a sea of colours, intense fragrances and will be awe-struck by the lively and joyous movement of people in the city’s narrow streets. Naples has always held a particular fascination to the visitor: it lies on a strip of land that seems suspended between water and fire, between Heaven and Hell. Passions flow endlessly, as if in a strong but orderly torrent. People walk its narrow streets from dawn till dusk, seemingly happy just to be alive, congregating on every corner or square, or around the imposing walls of the Medieval castle known as the Maschio Angioino and the Castel dell’Ovo, as well as along the seafront road, which is steeped in sun during the day and lit up at night by glittering streetlamps and stars crowding the celestial dome, shining as if in reverence to Naples and its arresting host Vesuvius.