Montalcino is the birthplace of Brunello, one of the most famous red wines in the world. It lies in the province of Siena and its origins go back to Etruscan-Roman times; some remains of those eras are today preserved in the delightful Associated Museums.
Montalcino is a natural treasure made up of enchanting landscapes which at close range recall 14th-century frescos. The immense, marvellous stretches of vineyards have assigned this generous, fertile land a prestigious position in Italian wine production with Brunello and Rosso, two excellent wines highly-prized in America and Europe. Montalcino is also filled with history, with its unaltered medieval appearance and where visitors can admire the Abbey of St. Antimo, the Castle of Arigiano, the Poggio alle Mura Castle, the Romitorio Fortress and the Church of St. Restituita.
Not to be missed is the great Tournament for the Opening of Hunting Season, taking place in the village squares, with medieval costumes, spectacular performances and gastronomy, as well as events in the surrounding countryside, abounding in game.