Ladispoli is associated with the mysterious disappearance of the artist Caravaggio and remains one of history’s most famous detective stories. The painter was seen alive for the last time in front of the Odescalchi di Palo Laziale castle, ready to board a sailing boat to Civitavecchia. He never arrived. Legend has it that his ghost continues to wander the sand beaches of volcanic origin. Ladispoli was founded in 1888 by the nobleman Ladislao Odescalchi, who travelled the land between the Vaccina and Sanguinara river torrents. Today, it has earned the reputation as one of the most exclusive spots on the Tyrrhenian sea and boasts a number of treasures: the best known is the Odescalchi di Palo Laziale castle itself. It sits above the sea, invoking memories of the 1950s film set of Salgari’s pirate adventure stories, for which it was chosen as a location. The colour contrast between the dark sand and the intense blue sea is no doubt one reason for it being so popular. The location is ideal for those who love the sea, but also for seeking peace and quiet, thanks to the woods that provide shade in many areas, as well as to the surrounding wetlands that add much charm. The Palo animal nature reserve founded here in 1980 is a must-see. It belongs to the Odescalchi family but is run by WWF Italy.