Ischia is an island of contours forged by the fires of ancient volcanoes and smoothed by winds that regularly engage in unpredictable battles with the sea. The whole island is a passionate mix of constantly alluring emotions and a labyrinth of colours, such as the intense greens and silver laminated reddish purples of the vineyards, the bright yellow colour of the houses, the turquoise of the sea, or the polished white of its delightful beaches. No wonder such passion has always mesmerised writers, poets, film directors, all of whom have fallen prey to the charm of the tuff brick houses, built as pagan temples in honour of the Goddess of happiness. The union of fire and water has in addition spawned the island’s divine thermal baths. Let Ischia enchant you with its spectacular stretches of coastline, or the happy chaos of the famous square named for Santa Restituta, its castle and the tiny fishermen’s cottages, or the bustle of the traditional promenade along the Royal Palace, Reggia. Ischia maintains an unbroken promise of joy and eternal youth.