Grottaferrata lies on the slopes of Colli Albani to the south-east of Rome, an area covered in acres of vineyards and cultivated fields. It was once the site of villas and estates of Roman noblemen such as Marco Tullio Cicerone who reportedly had a secret abode built here, on the site where the Abbey now stands. Other ruins of Roman constructions lie scattered here and there. During the Middle Ages in particular, the abbey was sacked and occupied by various passing armies, like the famous battle in Tuscolo, which today is a glorious lush green area with numerous archaeological remains such as the flagstones that cut through the woods and the Roman theatre. Today it is a garden city and is famous for its natural beauty, history and archaeological sites. It is one of the must-see stops on a trip out of the Castelli Romani, where today people come to taste the area’s refined cuisine.