Genoa is a splendid city made for all occasions. A city of art and culture, tradition and innovation, coasts and mountains, festivals and entertainment, of delights to admire and delicacies to be tasted. You may need to utter the word extraordinary as you soak in the charm of the old city, and wander through the narrow alleyways, known in local dialect as “caruggi”, places of curiosity, mystery and fine architectural heritage. The quaint charm of the century-old artisans’ workshops and the first urban settlement, Castrum, dates back to Roman and Etruscan times. A further must-see is the coastal village of Nervi, an oasis of tranquility and natural charm, highly recommended for couples, with its air of warmth even in winter and its pleasant salty sea air. The historical quarter is the perfect place to admire its splendid buildings and numerous museums, large and small, dedicated to the sea and the land. Genoa is a city that has a lot to discover, if you have the time to become acquainted with its intriguing reality.