Behold the placid blue of ‘Lago d’Iseo’ on one side, dotted here and there with small white sails or motor boats on the water that shines bright in the sunlight like an immense diamond. Opposite and in the distance all around rise the majestically high mountains; closer by are the green rolling hills dotted with villas and simple country houses in an assortment of different colours… This might be a brief description of Franciacorta, a land of exclusive and rare beauty, whose perfect centre is Erbusco. To the north, the town’s profile is recognisable from the soft contours of the Sebino amphitheatre. Once covered in extensive woodland, these hills are today famous for their charming picturesque vineyards, the stone buildings, towers and medieval castles, sixteenth century palatial buildings and seventeenth and eighteenth century villas. The ideal way to discover the charm of Franciacorta is to wander through it and be captivated by its charm, not forgetting to select one of the many wine itineraries and admire the magnificent wineries of the local experts. Here, the art of wine-pressing and bottling are still performed according to the closely guarded secrets of ancient traditions, played out in the name of the wine God Bacchus.