Situated in the heart of the Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur was one of the first alpine winter adventure resorts in Italy. It is the very essence of what a mountain resort should be. Its reputation as a glamour resort is no doubt due to its distinctive atmosphere, its attention to detail, and the magical combination of Italian culture and style. It is also the last town in Italy before crossing the border into France through the Mont Blanc tunnel. When snow sets in with the arrival of winter, Courmayeur is the perfect place for winter sports: all varieties of skiing, mountain hikes and snow shoes, parks, ice-climbing, dog-sledding, heliskiing, skating, hockey, curling, in addition to all the best loved indoor sports. When the last of the winter snow retreats, the legendary high-altitude trekking routes re-appear; routes like the ‘Tour du Mont Blanc’. Finally, there are literally dozens of great climbs for lovers of rock-climbing; Courmayeur has something for everybody, all year round.