The town of Como is situated right at the foot of the world-renowned lake of extraordinary charm and elegance that carries the same name. Numerous delights lie waiting to be discovered within its imposing medieval walls, such as the much-admired Cathedral, idyllic corners like the picturesque ‘Piazza San Fedele’ or even austere public buildings like the stern-looking Porta Torre. For a relaxing excursion you can take a boat or hydrofoil from Piazza Cavour in order to admire “the lake from the lake”, which is the best way to admire the beauty of the landscape at its best and get an ideal, detailed perspective of the history and art that radiates from every corner. Life on Lake Como is bound to captivate you because there is far more to it than age-old natural beauty. You might like to admire other essentially natural splendors from different angles such as the ripples on the water that proudly form as soon as the wind comes up, or troughs carved out by the gentle motion of waves. More, take in the wild lushness of the land, domesticated by the presence of stately mansions, of villages seemingly set in stone in a place where time-honoured customs and traditions have stolidly stood their ground against any outside influences. You can reach the view point at Brunate on the characteristic old funicular railway: Once there, survey the splendid lake-shore scenery below, with the resoluteness of a conqueror admiring the beauty of all he possesses.