Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia is a lovely seaside village whose Aragonese castle overlooks the coast. Within its walls we can still admire the charm of the Middle Ages and experience the atmosphere whose protagonists were kinghts and their ladies.
Its splendid beaches and sheer cliffs dropping down to the sea are some of the environmental treasures which the village prides itself on, with the enchanting and wild Maremma region just behind it. It was an ancient charter of Ludovic the Pious, dated 813, which first cited the appearance on the map of “Castel Lione della Piscaria”, which in time became a place where monks retreated to lead a spartan solitary spiritual existence, due to the harshness of the territory.
This is part of the past, but after a day at the seaside, enjoyment continues in the evening with romantic dining in excellent restaurants featuring genuine Maremma cooking or candlelit wine-tasting in wine cellars stocked with great Tuscan wines, winding up the evening with an inevitable, fun-filled party on the beach.