Capri is an Island of mystery and transgression. It emerged from the deep to become in time a place of charm and seduction, of reckless passions that flourish and are then consumed in an instant. Capri has always been instilled with the essence of life, as only a Goddess of the sea can be. For no apparent reason, her outward façade seems to change from day to day, at the request of no one or nothing in particular, not even the sun, or the deep sea beds of the surrounding cobalt blue sea or the three strips of rock that are the island’s symbol. Every day brings a new discovery, and no two nights are the same. The island has long been famous for its local legends and sophisticated lifestyle, together with the splendor of its several natural beauty spots, such as the Grotta Azzurra, and the characteristic local houses still inhabited by artists, actors and designers. Capri has always had its Masters of Ceremonies, as well as its own traditional clothing (three-quarter length trousers, hand-sewn shoes decorated with seashells and small stones) usually worn for ceremonies in the ‘Piazzetta’ (square). This is the place to witness the island’s still thriving traditions, while enjoying a refreshing aperitif or an unforgettable lemon slush, while waiting for a party to start or join in one already happening.


Anacapri, or “Capri on high”, was founded by the Greeks. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries this lovely little village was frequented by artists from all over Europe, who came here to find inspiration. Often, all they needed to do was look beyond the medieval access gate, Capodimonte, to be captured by the muses of literature, music and painting; or they would contemplate and meditate on ideas as they walked along the endless rock-hewn steps known as the Scala Fenicia, or perhaps while caught in the wind that forces its way through the walls of the Villa San Michele that sits nobly above the gulf and acts as a historical sentinel of eras gone by: the Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian periods. The natural display of reflecting lights found inside the incredible Grotta Azzurra also seems to suggest a collection of photo frames that capture historical past moments. There are many legends here, like the one connected with the Casa Rossa and the American General who had it built as a place of retirement after the horror and traumas of the War of Succession. All curious stories that you can get a sense of on the “Sentiero dei Fortini”, a spectacular three-hour walk along the coast between the “Grotta Azzurra” and the “Faro di Punta Carena”. Anacapri really is the high point of Capri, and the part closest to Olympus.