Bologna was founded on the coast of an ancient sea, long gone, at the river Reno. A city of majestic beauty but also of great hospitality and endless joie de vivre, it has kept its old world charm, a perfect balance of art and culture against a backdrop of thriving nightlife. You can see all this for yourself in the monumental Piazza Maggiore, surrounded by historical buildings such as Palazzo d’Accursio, home to the offices of notaries and banks, or the “Palazzo Poggi” that houses the town’s historical University. This square is one of Italy’s finest, with its immeasurable arcaded walkways and its seventeen medieval towers, the city’s emblematic landmarks. Having soaked up the city’s history as a centre of culture and fine museums, you may want to taste the irresistible food and refined cuisine. Venture behind Piazza Maggiore and wander around the lanes of the old market. As evening approaches, the artisan’s workshops quieten down and give way to the splendid taverns, which transform to locations for an exciting nocturnal journey that goes on.