Blevio is a group of seven old villages, Capovico, Cazzanore, Girola, Maggianico, Mezzovico, Sopravilla and Sorto around the Lake Como. There are three great ways to discover and experience Blevio: lakeside itineraries, the hillside villages and mountain walking trails. First stop down at the lake, where you can take an exhilarating boat trip to see some of the majestic villas set in century-old parks. The Troubetzkoy (the Russian exile) and the Roccabruna villas are just two of the ten villas that lie along the lakefront and give it a sense of old-world charm. Next, try going up to the higher parts of Blevio, starting from the park and heading up towards Sopravilla. After a while you will come across the old fountain with its unusual sheep’s head mouth; then continue on towards Ponte di sasso where with views of the waterfalls on the ‘Valle di Sopravilla’ torrent. On the way back down, you will arrive to Sorto, then the idyllic little village of Mezzovico; admire the waterfall at Maggianico and the fountain dedicated to music at Cazzanore. It’s not hard to fall prey to the fascination of these mountains, with their mysterious, odd-shaped rocks and sites of archaeological ruins, such as Castello d’Ardona. This is the wonder of the seven cities.