Baja Sardinia

Formerly known as Cala Battistone, named after a local warden who seemed to possess the powers of the God Neptune, Baja Sardinia is a charming little town with white buildings that look out over the crystal clear sea water and the fine sandy beaches. It is one of the ports of the province of Gallura within easy reach of the Costa Smeralda by land and the enchanting Archipelago of La Maddalena by sea. Baja Sardinia is today a unique tourist spot and its greatest asset has perhaps been precisely its ability to remain between these two different worlds. Let yourself be transported not only by the magic of the wonderful coastline and breathtaking experience of snorkeling and sea-watching, but also by the well renowned Baja Sardinia evening and nightlife. Among things not to miss are the fashionable nightspot Ritual, as well as the brightly coloured shop windows and the enticing simplicity of the street markets. Not far from the Borgo Bianco is the peninsular of Capo Ferro with its lighthouse of the same name, set out on majestic wind carved granite rocks. In the distance you can see an island called ’isola delle Bisce’ which is part of the National Marine Park.