Luxury Holidays Apulia

Apulia is a region that stores a wealth of local knowledge and is blessed with unique landscapes. It might be compared to a fresco of starkly contrasting colours against a harmonious background of cities steeped in history and splendid coastal towns whose proud identity is eminently represented by its buildings and characteristic narrow streets. The wealth of local cultural events, its enchanting art and rich culinary traditions are all enhanced by the majestic backdrop of the Mediterranean sea. This is a land where the ancient and the mysterious endure and flourish, and help keep alive the region’s numerous traditions. And what to say of the coastline and sea or the fabulous Tremiti islands? A compact but varied world of three islands where nature reigns undisturbed; a land where the essentially simple architecture of the Romanesque churches in Daunia contrasts with the extraordinary Baroque style of those in Lecce and the brilliant white of the houses in Martina Franca. Add to this the splendid sea around Gargano, the monumental majesty of Castel del Monte and the unique architecture of the so-called Trulli (traditional stone houses) in Alberobello.
Hungry? Puglia is also famed for its master bakers, cheese-makers and farmers, highly skilled in transforming the fruits of the earth into products that are simple but rich in delicious tastes and smells. You simply have to try the famous and unmistakably yellow-coloured Altamura bread, the same colour as the grain used to make it. The names Aleatico, Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro are the best known of a host of top quality wines produced here, together with five PDO certified olive oils pressed from olives grown in century-old groves. The local cuisine would not be the same without the local olive oil.


Savelletri di Fasano

Savelletri di FasanoSavelletri di Fasano is simply a triumph of nature, with its immense amount of olive and carob trees, dotted with the pink of almond tree flowers. The surrounding hills were once covered in holm oaks and Mediterranean scrubland, but today have...


BariBari was originally a Bronze Age settlement, built on the peninsula where today the Old Town is situated. It is a maze of narrow streets with terraces and balconies above, from where people can gaze out at the sea. Having been conquered by the Romans, the town...