Alghero is an ancient medieval Catalan coastal town, proud of the infinity of colours and landscapes decorated by sunshine, and of the stories and legends handed down from past glorious civilisations, from whom it has also inherited a culinary tradition that has evolved to accommodate contemporary taste. If you take a stroll around Alghero, along its century-old city walls that look steeply down onto the sea, or through its enchanting cobbled streets, you will be struck by the particular charm that only seaside towns seem to have. The tourist port is located right in front of the sea front houses, but wherever you are in the town, the sea is close at hand. Try the history trail starting from the seafront, head towards the old town and wander through the quiet lanes, around the grand historical buildings, the artisans’ workshops and craftsmen’s studios. There is another jewel of nature here: the extraordinary ‘Grotta di Nettuno’ Neptune’s Cave, accessible from the sea or by land if you descend the 660 steps, the “Escala del Cabirol”, cut into the cliff-side; this spot provides the best views of the large gulf of Alghero, with its myriad of bays and coves reflected in a fairy-tale sea.