Alagna Valsesia

Alagna is like an open illustrated book, set at the foot of the imposing and charming Monte Rosa. Every page tells curious details of its century-old past history, such as the houses built by the extraordinary architect Walser, his use of space and ambience make the perfect cover to this fairytale book. Alagna has put together the past and the present, and continues to attract lovers of off-piste skiing, offering them numerous steep passageways, soft snow, wide fields of powder and kilometers of easy tracks winding their way down between alpine lakes and fields, guaranteeing different emotions in every season. These trails between the ‘Walser’ style mountain huts or hidden in the Alta Valsesia Nature Park are truly fabulous. It is not the length of the tracks that counts here, but the wide open fields of untouched snow that skiers dream about. In short, the splendid green colours of Valesia’s uncontaminated and wild natural environment, together with the crystal clear pure water of its river that has created a rich and diverse ecosystem, has also made Valesia a much-loved tourist destination. Indeed, it is precisely the captivating beauty of this valley, where the silver strip of water is fed in such a spectacular manner by the streams that run into it, that has transformed this area into a great tourist magnet.