Abano Terme

Just as it was two thousand years ago, the Euganee Thermal spa is the ideal place to regain your total health and well-being, in an environment where man and nature have always been in harmony, and where the stress and rhythm of daily life are easily forgotten. There is no better place to seek the pleasure of recharging your batteries and getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle. The thermal baths in Abano (which derives from Aponus, the God of the hot springs) lie in the middle of a now extinct volcanic area and were known to ancient inhabitants. The hot water gushes out at a temperature of 87°C from Poggio di Montirone in the Alpine foothills, after a long underground journey, during which it becomes enriched in minerals. The water has unique properties that play an essential role in the preparation, conservation and regeneration of the mud used in health-enhancing mud-bath treatments. Abano Terme is divided into the old and new areas of town, surrounded by splendid landscapes ideal for great walks. What to do after your thermal spa treatment? The whole area is ideal for regaining energy, vitality and harmony, in complete symbiosis with yourself and with nature.