Sicily is a unique blend of different peoples and cultures, passions and sweet delicacies. The island is a mini continent with the same natural border all around: the Mediterranean Sea. It is a land of sunlight, of myths, of joy and beauty; a rich trove of treasures guarded within the walls of temples, churches, as well as in the house of nobles and common people alike.
Sicily is a charming and enigmatic world where earth, fire, air and water are conscious prisoners of a world that arose from the sea to be conquered, wrought and reshaped in a most extraordinary fashion by a succession of peoples.
Today it has become a kaleidoscopic fusion of colours, fragrances, sounds, images and enchantment; a land that emanates light from every corner as if covered in a magic powder imbued with the very essence of its unique and ancient heritage.
On any journey from Palermo to Catania, from Siracusa to the islands around it, or from Sciacca to Taormina you will travel through time on a series of historical itineraries where you will find remnants of civilizations past and present: Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Byzantines, Bourbons, up to the unification of Italy. A list of only some of the noteworthy features of Sicily would have to include its wild but welcoming nature, its soave but striking art and its imposing yet gracious architecture. The island has a gift of presenting an image of itself that leaves all visitors spellbound, facilitated no doubt by further extraordinary features such as volcanoes, monumental trees, rivers, torrents and spellbinding caves.

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Taormina is a magnificent International city of art and culture and is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. In recent years it ...

Dominated by the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, Catania has a totally unique landscape. Its symbol is the elephant, or ...

Siracusa might be called the birthplace of Sicilian history as it was the first foreign city of the ‘Magna Grecia’ empire. ...

Arabic, Norman, French, Spanish and Byzantine cultures have all left a lasting mark and continue to live side by side in Sicily’s ...

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Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay
Villa  Sant'Andrea Villa Sant'Andrea
Grand Hotel Mazzarò Sea Palace Grand Hotel Mazzarò Sea Palace
Grand Hotel Minareto 5* Deluxe Grand Hotel Minareto 5* Deluxe
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