Imagine the sea being the same colour as the sky, imagine mesmerizing beaches, vivid colours, unique tastes and fragrances, an ancient culture and sheer unadulterated comfort; welcome to Sardinia, the place to unleash your creative spirit and fulfill your dreams. In summer as well as throughout the rest of the year, the diverse features of the Mediterranean’s mother island will treat you to a variety of new experiences every day, from the luxury of the Emerald coast to the wild uncontaminated nature of the Barbagia area. Be ready for surprises. The sea around Sardinia is its “heart of water”, that washes against the shores of white sandy beaches and picture post card coves that look out onto the transparent waters of a sea of varying hues of blue and green. What you see is what you get? Well, there is actually another parallel world to discover below the surface on the sea beds. Inland, you can take another dive into nature and discover uncontaminated forests, an endless variety of landscapes where stubbornly proud granite rocks stand firm against the Sardinian wind.
The island is a place of ancient traditions, discernible in the long established crafts of goldsmithing, carpet weaving and wood carving. This is a land where seemingly endless moments of silence are interrupted by unmitigated cheerfulness and joy, where vast arrays of ancient and timeless tastes and flavours have today won international acclaim.
In every corner of Sardinia you will find a hidden treasure chest of further secrets waiting to be discovered.

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It is worth looking back at the history of Porto Cervo, which began in March 1962. Indeed, it was in the spring of 50 years ago ...

It is worth looking back at the history of Porto Cervo, which began in March 1962. Indeed, it was in the spring of 50 years ago ...

Santa Margherita di Pula is the jewel in the crown of southern Sardinia coastal resorts. Since it was first discovered in the 1960s...

Santa Teresa di Gallura lies on a stretch of coastline where rocks drop sharply down to the sea, broken occasionally by stretches ...

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Hotel Cala di Volpe Hotel Cala di Volpe
Hotel Pitrizza Hotel Pitrizza
Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort
Hotel Romazzino Hotel Romazzino
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