Praiano is situated at the “heart of the Amalfi coast” and is one of its most picturesque villages with its opulent summer residences belonging to nearby Amalfi’s nobility. Here too, the land had to be cut out of the rock face that falls away steeply to the sea. The houses are lodged between Monte Tre Pizzi and the “Marina di Praia”, the lovely beach at the bottom between two high rock walls. To discover Praiano’s magic enchanted secrets, such as the permanently sunlit Cala della Gavitella, cast your eyes over the panorama and meander along the series of stone staircases and the watch towers, which not so long ago were needed to warn against the arrival of the much-feared Saracen pirates.
Admire the view of Positano and Capri from the amazing natural viewpoint, or even better take a boat trip to see the romantic coves and the splendid sea caves Suppraiano and the “grotte dell’Africana” where you’ll find a relaxing bar area. The entire place is magical and legend has it that if you throw flowers into a magic well in the middle of the cave, you will live dreams of summer romance under bewitching starry skies while listening to joyous melodies.

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